Campaign history


In Crane lands:

Concerns about Haruki’s sister:

  • Memory loss when she goes places with her mother in law
  • Ugly husband seems to dote on her, but wants to take her out of town to the country.
  • Rumors that the family was involved in the slave trade
  • People used to disappear.
  • Not pregnant yet.

Husband (Yasuki Kyoshi) agrees to meet with Haruki secretly (and seemed relieved to do so) but an earthquake happens and destroys a fair amount of the town. We decide to leave.

Man in black / Bayushi:

It is not against bushido to be tactical with the information we present. Stir up trouble and see what floats to the top. Trust that they have ears. Another threat will make them act.


There are more ways to stir than with a stick. Identify the head or heads for Hida. Use your perspective. Follow your own path.

Daigotsu: (Self-styled new lord of the shadowlands; leads the army of the undead)

At checkpoint: Crane are at war with the Lion.

Village: houses shuttered. Beast attacking and eating people. Sent people for help who never returned. (Says headwoman)


Thought Jiro was attacked by wild animals; two weeks later, another attack. 1.5 weeks ago sent Hero out; he didn’t come back. Taking a message to Asahina Sama.

Nearest settlement to east: Shinden Asahina: 3 – 3.5 days from here (for peasants).

Tracks vanished.

Peasants have spears.

Kitsuke: Perhaps the husband’s beauty is being stolen from him. Perhaps people are being stolen for maho rather than slavery. Perhaps the wife’s memory is being stolen from her, too. (...he tells Akira.)

Beast has face of monkey, wings of a falcon, body of a tiger, tail of a snake. Two of them. One looks like it’s nursing.

Old man: I think this is a nueh. Chikoshudo: realm of the animals. War; upheaval. The destroyed village on the coast. two-headed calf born. Stillbirths. Bandit attacks. These creatures aren’t known to travel in groups.

Clay in their paws is red; there is a place with this clay a half-day’s travel away.

Next day: We find five magical creatures that can’t hold a particular form. Decide to take them to Shinden Ashahina at least. Take them with us.

Kai seems to be attached to one particular one. Wake up and they’re all sleeping around him.

We arrive at Shinden Asahina; are taken to the temple. Asked to remove weapons.

Asahina Makoto (seneschal). We say we’re here to return the effects of two messengers who were delivering bridal contract to Yogo Wakafuji San. (included a cup)

Insults. Kuni gets mad. We will see her in the morning after breakfast.

More insults. We leave. The marriage negotiations are in a shambles.

Most of the way back to the inn: someone runs up to us: apologizes; wants to explain. Asahina Zuiken. Uncle of one of the messengers. Thought Yogo Sama would be a good example for his nephew. (Young lord’s followers are arrogant. Arrogance curries favor with him.) The marriage contract was his idea.

We tell him the whole story, including the more generous interpretation of their behavior of the kami who looked like peasants. He is sorry. Would be honored if we would stay with him that night. Bitch Sama’s mother was wonderful. Brokering this marriage required him to use the last of his influence, and now that has failed.

He does some magics and blends teas.

Names for nueh: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Void.

We’ll take them with us; not safe to leave them with Bitch Sama.

April 11

Asahina Kimita Sama: Head of Asahina family. Bitch Sama: Asahina Shikibu. Minor lordling; head of a branch of Asahina family. Invitations to her have decreased. She is out of favor.

Asahina Shikibu feels that slights have wounded her in Kimita Sama’s court.

(Old dream: cup falls and breaks. From the shards a dark mist rises up. Inside a house, a body falls. Dark mist. Scroll burns. Arrow in the body of a dark-furred creature. Dark mist rises up, and begins to coalesce into something terrible.)

There have been break-in attempts. Believed they were after the cup. Messengers delivering it as a bridal gift were asked to stay off the road to protect it.

Stay with Asahina Shikibu overnight. Village that was destroyed: was up the coast. 2.5 days to get to Zhu Kamimora, town that would have more info. Entire village was slaughtered. Small fishing village. About a year ago. Daimyo of that area: Asahina Manzo Magistrate:

Lacquered case: 12 tea containers.

Leave town. Ride to the coast. Mountains come down from the left.

(Uyeda fishes up an oilcloth bag that has bracers in it. Lacquered with blue coins attached for decoration. Cleans it. Fish with fresh vegetables prepared by Porter.

Camp for the night.

Bracers: spirit says they are strong like stone.

Camp again (2nd time)

Village: Bushi everywhere. Important trading post between Mantis, Crab and Crane, and a place for finding Ronin to hire. Lots of Doji and Daidoji mons. Find a guy in heavy armor on a horse, directing people.

Go to the Magistrate’s house. He is meeting with merchants.

Jagged scar across his face; scroll case and wakizashi: Asahina Monzo.

Shin no mura: Village of death. Late winter last year: hadn’t received tax payment. Shortly after beginning of new year. Sent lieutenant; found people who had been dead for some time. No weapons; scavenger damage. Most were still in their homes. One body outside village; man. Happened in their sleep? Could have been a disease? Spirits were disturbed; fled and would not answer. No magic. Looked for suspicious objects; found nothing. Village is a day and a half from here.

Kai digging at the foot of the hills: “Out. Dark. Bad.” Kitsuki asks where? “Not here.” Void nueh is a badger, and helping Kai.

Head north; stop for the night.

See a well-travelled path crossing the road, heading up into the hills. Shod feet. A ways up, come to a clearing with a Torii, bodies scattered about, and a boy wearing monks’ clothes waving a sword in the air. Bodies: 10 monks, 5 peasants, 3 bushi (or so). Someone tries to mind control

They have been corrupted. Akio didn’t eat breakfast yesterday. That must be how he was able to avoid it. As long as the boy stands in the gate, they can’t enter.

Shrine houses Lady Doji’s fan. She left it before she went into the sea.

More Bushi and commoners attack. They get the fan.

Campaign history

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